Price List Software

  • Don't waste any more time updating price lists!
  • Import and export all manufacturer and labor price lists in seconds
  • Export updated price lists with an UNLIMITED number of margins
  • Search, sort, filter and compare thousands of SKUs in seconds
  • Create price labels for your entire showroom or mobile showroom in seconds
  • Create price lists that are compatible with other flooring software that is on the market

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Need more time to sell??

We're here to help!  Update your price lists, print labels for your samples,
search, sort, compare, and more, all in seconds!

Full flexibility and freedom

Change ALL of your prices on the fly! You don’t need to waste your weekends updating price lists or pay someone to do it!


Pricing rules

You decide what margins you want. You are in control of your pricing all the time. No more stressing and guessing!

Price elasticity calculations

CZN Tech flooring pricing calculates the pricing for every product. Thousands of products all with up to date pricing that you don’t have to calculate!

Price labels

Price out your showroom or mobile showroom quickly and accurately! With CZN Tech flooring pricing software, you will be able to always have your samples priced out for your customers!

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