Sort, Search, Filter and Compare

Sort, Search, Filter and CompareAuthor: Cindy Trocciola

One of my favorite functions of the flooring pricing software, aside from importing all the different price lists, is that it has an amazing sort, search, filter and compare function. It makes finding your best priced carpet, tile, deco or whatever your searching for so easy to find! It makes finding a collection to complete a project a breeze! Say that you have a tile project and you need a collection that has decos, liners, and a 12×36 ceramic within the collection. You can get very specific with what your search parameters are, within the program, type them into the program and search. This replaces the old way of finding this information by having to look through 10 different catalogs and hundreds of pages! Such a time saver! Also, these built in functions make it very easy to find products by price and you can compare your pricing from different manufacturers. If you have a client that’s on a strict budget and they want you to give them the least expensive tile option or carpet option that you have, you can easily do a search and filter to determine what this product would be, all within a few short seconds!

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